What Has Covid-19 Change…

How do you know if your safe to go into your Local barbershop after Covid-19?

We have been sanitizing out implements and tools just below hospital grade. For those that need a little more insite:

Physical Plant Sanitary Requirements
The buildings and quarters must at all times be kept clean, well painted, adequately ventilated, and amply lighted;
The floors shall be maintained in good repair and be either tiled or covered with linoleum or comparable floor covering;
All barber chairs shall be maintained in sound mechanical condition and covered on the backs and seats with an unripped and untorn covering of upholstery. The chairs must be placed center to center, and each chair must occupy at least 35 square feet of floor space.
Sanitary Equipment Requirements
Each shop shall provide one wet sterilizer and one dry cabinet sterilizer for each barber chair, together with the compounds generally associated with their use; There shall be one mirror for each barber chair, not less than 30 inches in diameter; One lavatory shall be provided for each two barber chairs; If hair brushes are used, there shall be a minimum of four brushes per barber chair. Hair brushes shall be cleaned and sterilized after each customer use.
Required Sanitation Practices for Barber Shops: Chairs, walls, floors, and windows shall be kept clean at all times. Barber chairs shall be cleaned by wiping each day. Lavatories shall be scoured frequently during each business day with a strong detergent. Mirrors shall be washed at least once each business day;

All barber shops shall maintain thorough sterilization of tweezers, needles, and all other instruments used for the removal of hair, blackheads, or the opening of pimples. All tools used on a customer shall be cleaned and sterilized before each customer use. Tweezers, needles and other instruments of a similar nature shall be sterilized by immersion in boiling water or in a 5 per cent phenol solution (a carbolic acid) for a minimum of 30 minutes. Combs shall be cleaned after each customer use.

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